Energy Efficient Products

The products we install use high performance technologies that increase the energy efficiency of the windows.  The combination of the warm edge spacer and SB70 LowE Argon maximizes the energy performance of our windows.  The two panes of LowE glass block ultraviolet rays, while the layer of dense Argon gas between glass panes adds an additional layer of insulation.  In addition, the warm edge spacer decreases conductivity giving our product maximum energy performance.

The energy efficiency of a window is determined by two factors: R value and U value.  The lower the U value and the higher the R value, the more energy efficient the product. SB70 LowE Argon glass comes standard in all our windows, allowing us to provide windows with maximum energy efficiency.

SB 70 Glass

Solarban 70XL Solar Control LowE glass allows the sun's natural light to transmit through while blocking  a majority of it's heat energy.  This combination gives the appearance of clear glass with the energy saving benefits of insulated glass.


Argon Gas Insulation

 The windows we provide are manufactured with two pieces of LowE coated glass, sealed with Duralite spacers. Between the two sealed panes of glass is an area of empty space.  To increase the energy efficiency of the window, this space is filled with Argon gas which is an inert, dense gas with low conductivity.  Filling the space with Argon gas decreases heat transfer through the window, increasing the energy efficiency of the window.


Duralite Spacers

Duralite Spacers are air filled spacers that are used to seal the two panes of glass.  These UV and moisture resistant spacers keep moisture out while reducing conductivity.  The spacers also minimize Argon transfer maintaining energy efficiency and the life of the window, as well as saving you money.


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